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Progress Technologies' Website Advertising Service

Our website advertising feature is intended primarily for businesses with which ProgressTek has an ongoing relationship. This way, we can recommend the products and services of our advertisers with confidence.

As of Jan 1, 2007, Progress Technologies' website receives approximately 200 unique visits per month, with over 400 total page views. And that number increases each month. Our website visits are largely generated via ProgressTek's monthly newsletter, which currently gets distributed to over 200 email addresses. Since our newsletter circulation is almost entirely based in New Jersey, it is safe to assume our advertisements serve a local, New Jersey clientèle.

ProgressTek's Website Advertising Service consists of a simple banner rotation at the bottom of each of our web pages. When clicked on, the banner ad will open the advertiser's website in a separate browser window. If you are interested in using our advertising service, please inquire using the contact form below.

ProgressTek's Website Advertising Service fees are as follows:
  • Banner insertion fee: $10.00
  • Monthly advertising fee: $5.00, OR
  • Annual advertising fee: $50.00
  • Webpage insertion fee: $10.00 (for advertisers who do not have a website)
  • Webpage creation fee: $60.00 (for advertisers who do not have a website; includes insertion fee)
  • Banner creation fee: (inquire below)
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